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Our Range of Consumables
At Advanced African Technology we sell a wide range of Consumables supplied to suit your every need. Whether you need Autosampler Vials, Filtration Products, Dissolution Vessels or replacement Detector Lamps look no further. Click on the icons or links below to view the products available and if you're interested in any of the products please contact us at AAT.




Deuterium(D2) Detector and Atomic Absorption Lamps
Labhut have many years of experience in supplying replacement Deuterium(D2) Detector Lamps for most UV-Vis spectrophotometers and HPLC detectors as well as Hollow cathode Lamps for all Atomic absorption spectrophotometers.
All our lamps are of the highest possible quality, are guaranteed to work in your detector and will offer the same or better performance than the original lamp.
Changing lamps yourself does not affect the manufacturers warranty, it simply saves you money



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Vials and Accessories
AAT offers a complete selection of autosampler vials and limited volume inserts for use when smaller samples volumes are necessary. All of our vials, inserts, caps, septa are extensively quality  controlled and many are available as certified product. They are fully  guaranteed to be reproducible and compatible with your autosampler.
Select from clear or amber glass, polypropylene, polystyrene, TPX and PTFE. Virtually a container for any sample! Our variety of sizes and closure requirements ensures that there is solution to meet your instrumentation requirements.






Syringe and Membrane Disc Filters for HPLC
Good quality syringe filters for HPLC are an  essential part of the sample preparation procedure. Poor quality filters can lead to sample contamination, poor filtration, and even filter  bursting or membrane failure. If filters are not consistent from batch  to batch then irregularities can occur in your HPLC results and cost a  lot of time and money to identify and correct.
Good quality filters need not be expensive, and syringe filters from LabHut are amongst the best you can buy. All our syringe filters are batch to batch tested for  consistency and reproducibility, by an independent laboratory and are  fully certified and traceable.






Dissolution Test Accessories
All our tablet dissolution test accessories are designed to be fully USP compliant and are supplied complete with serialisation and certification where appropriate.
We guarantee all our dissolution  test consumables to be equivalent to those from your original  dissolution testing equipment manufacturer and will be of equivalent or  better quality!
QLA dissolution accessories are used by  many of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world on many  different brands of dissoluton testing apparatus. You can be certain of  the best quality dissolution accessories available.






HPLC Columns
Choose from our range of cronus_50px Brand HPLC Chromatography Columns, available in all popular phases and silica brands.
Best Selling Cronusil packings:

Cronusil-H - A direct replacement for Hypersil Columns
Cronusil-L - An innovative and extremely pure spherical packing
Cronusil-M - Extremely pH tolerant reverse-phase packing
Cronusil-P - Perfect for protein and peptide separation
Cronusil-S - Direct replacement for Spherisorb columns
Other Popular Packings and Guard Columns
Hypersil, LiChrosorb, LiChrospher, Nucleosil, Spherisorb, Superspher, Guard Columns




HPLC Column Storage
Protect your HPLC column investment

How often do you see HPLC columns lying on benches or around the lab? The ColStor storage system is simple, compact and stops columns getting lost or damaged. Poor column storage can lead to reduced column  performance and decreased lifetime.

  • Stores 30, 60, 90 or 120 HPLC columns - in secure, moulded drawer inserts
  • New! - Optional Fittings Tray - Moulded 6 position tray for easy storage of HPLC tools and fittings
  • New! - Stackable - Unique stacking kit allows you to increase the number of columns you can store at any time.
  • Holds columns up to 30cm long - will also take 5cm, 12.5cm, 15cm and 25cm!
  • 100% Steel Cabinet - Quality, solid steel construction with chrome-plated D-Ring handles
  • Eliminates Bulky Column Boxes - Columns held securely in moulded drawer inserts
  • Holds all end-fitting types - Narrow and wide end-fittings held in flexible foam
  • Versatile - Store up to 12 x 12.5cm columns in a single drawer, or a combination of short columns,  guard columns and analytical columns

The Labhut Column Store is a cost-effective, expandable solution to properly indexing and storing your HPLC columns.


GC Septa
Cronus Inlet Septa for GC are fabricated from 100% pure top grade  silicone and offer the best low bleed performance available and  excellent life time use.
Key Benefits:

  • Precision moulding - ensures precise size and better fit.
  • Conditioned for Ultra Low Bleed - no interfering peaks.
  • Soft, strong, premium silicone - easy needle penetration/long life
  • Packed in ultra clean glass jars - no contamination from packaging
  • Manufacturing date on each package - easy inventory control and identification

See our GC Septa Selection Guide to help in selecting the septa for your GC                                          Cronus GC septa offer outstanding value for money. Try some, and find out why people love Cronus quality products. 


SPE Cartridges for Sample Preparation
SPE cartridges for cleaning and concentration of samples prior to  analysis. Solid Phase Extraction columns are available with a choice of  sorbent materials and sizes including C18 and other reverse phase  packings, Florisil, ion exchange, amino and many more, from 1ml up to  12ml sizes. 

Analytes are purified and concentrated by adsorption onto the solid  phase in the cartridge and eluted with a suitable solvent. The use of  Cronus SPE cartridges will:

  • Improve your sample purity.
  • increase the concentration of your analytes.
  • Extend the life of your HPLC column. 

Our SPE columns only use the best quality silica, and are packed to  provide the consistent and reproducible results that you have come to  expect from the Cronus brand.





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