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International Crystal laboratories (ICL)


About ICL
International Crystal Laboratories celebrated its 52nd anniversary in  2014. Since their founding in 1962, they have been dedicated to a few simple and basic concepts: producing high quality products at reasonable  prices, delivering them on time and supporting our customers with  excellent service. Their product offering includes accessories and supplies for IR, FTIR and  UV/VIS/NIR spectroscopy. Products include a comprehensive range of IR  transmission optics and ATR prisms, IR sample cards, Lab Presses and KBr Pellet dies, mills and grinders, XRF briquette dies liquid and gas  transmission cells, cuvettes, and ATR accessories.

Listed below are some of the accessories available from ICL. To view all supplies and accessories  available from ICL, click on the link below to view their full catalog.

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E-Z Press 12, 15, 20 Ton Hydraulic Laboratory Presses
ICL’s  new patented E-Z Press hydraulic lab presses feature  a unique lightweight ergonomic design. All E-Z Press laboratory press models weigh less than 90 pounds due to ICL’s patented  unibody construction. The 12 ton E-Z Press laboratory press weighs  a mere 51 pounds! The 15 and 20 ton E-Z Press will handle a variety of lab applications, including pressing  KBr pellets for FTIR spectroscopy and briquetting samples  for XRF spectroscopy. Ports in the walls of the lab press frame  allow access for vacuum lines and electrical cords to the  area between the platens, which enables use of the press  with evacuable dies and heated platens. The 15 and 20 ton  E-Z Press can also be used for making thin films with  ICL’s Precision Thickness Film Maker and Heated Platens.  Automated versions or our laboratory presses are available (see Air-EZ)  which are driven by pneumatic motors powered by your lab’s  compressed air supply.

The  newest additions to the E-Z Press laboratory press line are ICL’s  new 1 and 2 ton E-Z Presses. The 1 and 2 ton units  offer sensitivity at low pressure levels in  applications where precise control of the load on  the sample is required, such as pressing pellets of intrinsic  pharmaceutical ingredients for dissolution rate analysis.

All  E-Z Presses lab presses feature built in polycarbonate safety  shields with solid brass hardware. There are die centering  depressions in the round bottom platens. Each press comes  with a standard stainless steel filling disc to flatten  the platen. The bottom platen of the 2 and 12 ton E-Z Press  automatically centers ICL’s 13mm Macro-Micro die. The  bottom platen of the 15 and 20 ton E-Z Press has a  4" diameter depression and optional donut shaped inserts  are available to automatically center ICL’s 13mm, 20mm,  32mm, 35mm and 40mm die sets. Optional extra long handles  are also available for all presses for extra leverage.

Built in Polycarbonate Safety Shields
Adjustable Overhead Lead Screw
Access Ports for Vacuum and Electrical Lines
Unibody Construction
Ergonomic Design
Automatic Die Centering





E-Z Press 1 and 2 Ton Laboratory Presses
ICL's 1 & 2  Ton E-Z Presses feature a unique laboratory press design combined with  the same unibody construction and other features common to our E-Z  Press line. We have redesigned these laboratory presses to maximize the  sensitivity of the press for exact reproducibility of applied force.  Normally, hydraulic lab presses use a pump to apply pressure to the  piston of the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic fluid pump found in  standard lab press designs increases the pressure of the hydraulic fluid in spurts which causes the force being applied by the press to jump in  increments which are difficult to control with precision. In addition,  there is some backflow of hydraulic fluid during the pumping process  which amplifies the lack of reproducibility of force levels.

Many applications for low pressure laboratory presses such as intrinsic  ingredients dissolution analysis require the application of highly  reproducible force levels, and 12 ton hydraulic presses are inherently  unsuited to these applications. By removing the pump and sealing the  hydraulic cylinder, we have created a press which enables application of very small increments of force levels which can be reproduced with a  high degree of precision from sample to sample and without pressure  drops. The force is applied to the sealed cylinder by turning the lead  screw assembly against the platen on which the die is seated, similar to the manner that a wine press operates. Since the force levels are very  low, very little effort is required to turn the lead screw. These lab  presses are equipped with clamps which allow them to be anchored to any  bench top and easily moved to different locations within the lab and  they can also be bolted to a lab bench using the fixtures provided with  the press. When used with ICL's intrinsic dissolution analysis dies or ICL's Macro-Micro dies, the dies are automatically centered in  the press. Note that special short profile Macro-Micro dies are required for this press. The 1 and 2 Ton E-Z Press can also be used with ICL's  2mm, 4mm and 7mm die sets and die centering inserts are available for  the smaller die sets. Also available in high profile version for applications such as Wood apparatus intrinsic dissolution testing.





Air-EZ Air Powered 15 and 20 Ton Laboratory Presses
The  Air-EZ laboratory press, adds automation to the patented unibody  design that enables ICL to make the E-Z Press so light  and ergonomic. The press is driven by an elegant and quiet  pneumatic motor that runs off of your lab’s compressed  air supply or most commercially available air compressors.  No physical effort whatsoever is required. The press jacks  up to its rated capacity of 15 or 20 tons in a mere 5 seconds.  Ports in the walls of the press frame allow access for vacuum  lines and electrical cords to the area between the platens,  which enables use of the press with evacuable dies or heated  platens. The Air-EZ lab press is suitable for many lab  applications, including KBr pellets and XRF briquettes.  It has a footprint that is less than one foot square and  weighs only 130 pounds. If you dread pumping up a manual  press or crave lab space, this is the solution. Higher tonnage  versions are available and the press is available with heated  platens and our Precision Thickness Film Maker as a Film  Maker Kit.
The 15 and 20 ton Air-EZ laboratory presses feature built in  polycarbonate safety shields with polished brass hardware  and a die centering depression in the round stainless steel  bottom platen (see Fig. 1). The press comes with a standard  4" diameter stainless steel filling disc to flatten  the platen (see Fig. 2). Optional donut shaped inserts are  available to automatically center die sets with a variety  of base diameters.

Automated propelled by lab compressed air
No strength required
Built-in Polycarbonate Safety Shields
Small Footprint
Ergonomic Design
Unibody Construction
Access Ports for Vacuum and Electrical Lines
Adjustable Overhead Lead Screw
CE Marked




European Pharmacopoeia 2.2.24 Reference Standard
ICL’s PhEur 2.2.24 Reference Standard is a calibration standard certified to conform to the requirements of Chapter 2.2.24 of the European Pharmacopoeia. Each of  these polystyrene reference films is mounted in a convenient holder for  easy insertion in the standard slide holder of any IR or FTIR  spectrophotometer. PhEur 2.2.24 Reference Standards are certified to the following wave-numbers using a NIST 1921 certified film as a reference  standard: 3060 cm-1, 2849.5 cm-1, 1942.9 cm-1, 1601.2 cm-1, 1583.0 cm-1, 1154.5 cm-1 and 1028.3 cm-1. PhEur 2.2.24 calibration standards are certified to show a difference  between the absorption maxima to absorption minima at 2849.5cm-1 and 2870cm-1 greater than 0.33 and a difference between the absorption minima and absorption maxima at 1589 cm-1 and 1583 cm-1 greater than 0.08 as required by PhEur 2.2.24.







Sealed Liquid Spectrophotometer Cells - Model SL-4 Heavy Duty
ICL  offers a heavy duty, corrosion resistant sealed  liquid spectrophotometer  cell designed to withstand rough handling and  continuous  sampling in laboratories. The large 25mm circular  aperture  is suitable for use with both dispersive and FTIR  instruments.  Each spectrophotometer cell is machined  individually from  1/4 inch thick stainless steel. Pathlengths can be nominal  or calibrated to 4 decimal places (eg. 1.0152mm)  and spectrophotometer  cell pathlengths can be matched within 3% for  interchangability.  All optical materials are available in standard  nominal  pathlengths ranging from 0.015mm to 1mm. Other  pathlengths  are also available. The window is a 39.5mm x  39.5mm x 6.5mm  hexagon. ICL also offers an infrared cell  reconditioning  service in Section 0010 and a calibration service  for all  spectrophotometer cells. Pathlengths can be  nominal or calibrated to 4 decimal places (eg. 1.0152mm) and cell  pathlengths can be matched within 3% for interchangability. ICL also  offers an infared cell reconditioning service.





Press-N-Lok Demountable Cell
ICL’s  Pres-N-Lok Cell enables the user to analyze mulls and smears  without the use of clumsy springs, nuts, and bolts. The  cell is assembled by placing the sample on one (1) of two  (2) 25mm x 4mm crystal windows separated by a PTFE  spacer, dropping them into the bore of the inner barrel,  and pressing in the outer barrel. The cell consists of a  back plate of anodized aluminum, a self locking inner barrel  with a Viton O-ring over which the outer barrel slips  on and off with ease, and assorted PTFE spacers.





Heated Vapor Gas Multi-Sampler
This  heated cell can be configured as a gas cell (Fig. 2) or  for vaporizing samples that are normally solids or liquids  at room temperature. Configured for gas sampling, the cell  incorporates 2 valves, an inlet and an outlet, that enable  flowing gas samples through the cell.
In its solid and liquid  vaporization configuration, the cell has an outlet needle  valve from which a vacuum can be pulled and two (2) sample  inlets. One  inlet is a needle septa injection port on the top of the  cell which is similar to the type used in gas chromatography. There is a second inlet in the form of a side port for inserting  solid samples, which also doubles as the thermocouple port.  Using the side port eliminates the need to recheck vacuum  seals whenever the cell is opened to insert solid samples.  The 250w heating jacket extends over the end of the cell  so that both the cell body and the optics are heated, and  allows operation at temperatures up to 200C. Condensation  on the optics is minimized by heating them to the same temperature  as the sample chamber. A type J iron constantan thermocouple  is provided with plugs which are compatible with the optional  temperature controller. The cell body is type 304 stainless  steel and an assortment of seals is provided - silicon  rubber, viton and PTFE.

Cells  are factory pretested for vacuum leaks using dummy windows  and then new windows are shipped with the cell.  The cell  comes standard with 47 x 6mm KCl windows. The  clear aperture  is 39mm. Other window materials are available.  Requires either a cell mount (0008-5162) (Fig. 1) or base plate mount  (0008-9405) (Fig. 2). An optional  high stability temperature controller is  available.  The temperature controller (see  description) has ramp and soak cycles that can be programmed  on the keypad.

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