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About Riggtek
RIGGTEK GmbH, Dissolution Test Systems has been founded in 2007  and emerged from the person company DISTEK Dissolution Test Systeme,  prop. H. Riggenmann, which was founded in 1996. 

Originally, with experiences from the high performance liquid  chromatography (HPLC), and later from the pharmaceutical quality test  engineering, they focus today on the field of pharmaceutical dissolution  of solid and semi-solid dosage forms.In the field of Tablet Dissolution their own developments are products,  which combine innovation, reliabiltiy and usabiltiy in an unique way!


Dissolution Media Preparation, Degassing and Delivery systems
The Dissolution Media Preparation Station DissoPrep X8 (until 08/2008 DosaPrep X8) is the innovative Original among the Media Preparation Stations and today´s market leader. Continous development and restriction to the essential functions assures for you high accuracy in dosing and mixing with proven reliability.

The DissoPrep X8 is not only convincing with it´s pracitcal advantages  like easy operating, but especially with its performance concerning  efficient degassing, very precise mixing and dispensing. And by the way  the DissoPrep X8 is doing the work for you. In 15 minutes up to 8 liters of dissolution medium in its entirety and in accordance with the  guidelines of the USP, EP, FDA and GLP/GMP are processed, degassed and  dispensed precisely into the vessels.

The outstanding feature of our DissoPrep X8 is the mixing and dispensing according the gravimetrical dosing-principle (dosing according the mass). Due to the fact, that different media at different temperatures have  different densities, the dosing according the  standard-volume (norm-volume) is gravimetrically more precise than a  volumetric dosing. Only the dosing according the weight / mass results  at any wished temperature in the correct volume of your media!

This proven operating principle is now available with an 8-liter tank (DissoPrep X8) or a 15-liter tank (DissoPrep X15), for dispensing media into the vessels of one or two Dissolution-Testers. Almost double the tank volume, but with the same dimensions as the DissoPrep X8!


Mobile Dissolution Media Preparation Station
The DPX Lab-Cart is for mobile use of your Dissolution Media Preparation Station DissoPrep (X8 or X15), ergonomic design ensures a simple and  safe handling. Equipped with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply),  relocation is done without any problem. Container for raw media and acid takes place on this LabCart, also the printer.



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