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Shimadzu Corporation

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About the Shimadzu Corporation
Shimadzu was founded on the basis of “Technology for Science” and they continue to take the initiative in the analytical technology industry. From their absorption spectrophotometers to their structure and surface analysers and chromatographs, their high quality products are results of years of technological research. AAT is extremely proud to be associated with Shimadzu since we’ve been involved in selling and  maintaining their equipment for the last 25 years. Hope you get used to words like First, HighestMost, Fastest, Reliable, Low Maintenance, and Affordable being used to describe Shimadzu Equipment!!



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Balances and Moisture analysers
Shimadzu Balances are the result of over 80 years of international expertise and offer features found on the finest weighing systems such as temperature-activated calibration, OIML and NIST-traceable standards, and high speed analysis. Products include micro-balances, top loading units, platform systems and moisture balances.

In many fields, a moisture analyzer is a necessary tool for quality control requirements. Shimadzu offers two models, the MOC63u and the MOC-120H to measure the moisture content of a variety of samples using an array of drying modes.
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GC Tracera
GC HS-20 qn50420000033lcj

Gas Chromatographs (GC/GCMS)
Since the first GC was introduced in 1955, Shimadzu has been developing innovative Gas Chromatography solutions. The Shimadzu GC/GCMS product line encompasses the widest range of GC models, allowing the user to find an instrument matching the application requirements. Combining engineering expertise with the ability to listen to customer needs has resulted in an extensive array of GC’s, sample handling and data processing solutions.

The new Tracera GC System is now ready to solve your trace analysis  needs. This system utilizes the new Barrier Discharge Ionization  Detector technology coupled with a GC-2010 Plus capillary gas  chromatograph to create a GC system that makes it possible to reveal  trace components that are difficult to see by other GC detectors.

The new HS-20 Series Headspace sampler is the optimal solution for volatile component analysis.
Its superior performance and user-friendly design support all types of analyses, from research to quality control.

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LC2010 qn504200000060tr

Liquid Chromatographs (LC/LCMS)
HPLC has, without doubt, grown to be the most popular and versatile of all analytical techniques in laboratories today. Shimadzu offers complete solutions for HPLC - all components are designed and manufactured by Shimadzu to work as integrated systems. Shimadzu HPLC systems demonstrate high reliability, with outstanding  performance, such as ultra-low carryover and exceptional area  reproducibility, and superior data quality. In addition, they are  carefully designed for broad applicability and easy operation.

Shimadzu HPLC components have an outstanding reputation for long life, precision, and practically maintenance-free operation.

LC/MS is becoming an increasingly indispensable tool in many application fields. It provides the solution to the high reliability, productivity  and sensitivity demanded in the areas of pharmaceuticals, food science,  chemicals, and environmental analysis. Shimadzu LC/MS systems have continually been at the forefront of instrument sensitivity, stability and ease of operation.
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Total Organic Carbon(TOC) Analysers
Shimadzu is the worldwide market leader in the analysis of carbon species in water. In North America, the laboratory customer buys a Shimadzu for nearly two of every three systems purchased. All Shimadzu analysers use the 680 degrees centigrade combustion technique with Non-dispersive Infrared(NDIR) detection or wet oxidation NDIR method is available in TOC-V series. Shimadzu offers a variety of analysers to solve a wide range of application problems while meeting EPA and/or USP regulations.

Minimize/eliminate sample preparation by combining the SSM-5000A with a TOC-VCS/CP analyzer which permits the analysis of  many solid samples in addition to aqueous samples, including soil, sludge, and sediments.
Carbon measurement in attached residues using the swab method can also be conducted for cleaning validation.

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UV-VIS Spectroscopy
Shimadzu meets your needs for ruggedness, ease of use, validation and applications, with a wide selection of UV-VIS and UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometers.

Designed in accordance with the governing Japanese and European  Pharmacopoeia, the new UV-1800 UV-VIS spectrophotometer achieves a  resolution of 1 nm, the highest in its class, in a compact design.
Offering an array of user-friendly features, the UV-1800 can be used  either as a stand-alone instrument or as a PC-controlled instrument.

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IR affinity qn50420000005vor

FTIR Spectroscopy
Shimadzu was the first company to offer dynamic alighment as a standard feature in an afforable FTIR spectrometer. Shimadzu has released a variety of FTIR systems boasting high resolution and high sensitivity and a variety of associated instruments, such as  an infrared microscope unit, to facilitate automation.

The IRAffinity-1 offers the highest S/N ratio in its class* (30,000:1, 1-minute accumulation, neighborhood of 2,100 cm-1, peak-to-peak), a maximum resolution of 0.5 cm-1, and compact dimensions. Furthermore, the high-performance IRsolution  software, which emphasizes operability, and analysis support programs

The IRTracer-100 offers high sensitivity with a 60,000:1 S/N ratio. This sensitivity combined with the LabSolutions IR Contaminant Analysis  Macro enables easier, quicker and more accurate analysis of small  samples.
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