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About Soltec
The Soltec is an Italian company, based in Milan that produces and distributes in Italy and abroad, ultrasonic cleaners for specific fields. With over 15 years of experience in ultrasonic  cleaning within medical, dental industry and pharmaceutical laboratories, Soltec has notched up numerous successes on the domestic and foreign  markets, establishing itself as young and dynamic company able to meet  various needs customers.


Utrasonic Baths
The company's offerings are divided into a series of ultrasonic cleaners with capacities from 1.9 to over 100 liters. SOLTEC engineers are well  capable of designing and manufacturing ultrasonic cleaners and  accessories tailored to individual  customer needs.

The new SONICA S3 range of ultra-sonic cleaners contains the best you can ask from ultrasonic cleaning equipment and is characterized by its newly-designed control panels. The innovative layout has been designed to be user friendly. All SONICA S3 cleaners with a capacity of 3 litres or more have been equipped with state-of-the-art high-power piezoelectric transducers and with ultrasonic generators using the innovative SweepSystem oscillation technology, providing for perfect cavitation of detergents.

The state-of-the art ultrasonic generator incorporates a special ultrasonic oscillator using Sweep System Technology.

The diagram below shows the difference between a bath ultrasonic  cleaner with conventional ultrasonic power generator (traditional  system) and a new ultrasonic generator equipped with a special  ultrasonic oscillator with the Sweep System Technology. The two systems  are compared and show the different distribution of the ultrasonic waves into the cleaning liquid, their waveform oscilloscope view and finally  the practical results obtained on a sample of aluminum.


How does the Sweep System Technology work in the ultrasonic cleaning ?

With Sweep System technology, the output frequency of the ultrasonic  generator is modulated around a center frequency, so the ultrasonic  transducers shift between 39 and 41 kHz.
Sweep System Technology┬  offers the following advantages:

  • Faster cleaning
  • Damage free cleaning
  • Increased distribution of ultrasound energy eliminating the standing waves
  • Improved cavitation
  • Facilitate the ultrasonic wave crossing through the mesh wire basket and the complicated objects to be cleaned

Click on the link below to view/download the SONICA ultrasonic cleaners catalogue to view full range of baths as well as the accessories and detergents available.

SONICA Ultrasonic Baths catalogue PDF download


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