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About Starna
Starna Scientific Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the  international group of Starna® companies whose reputation is synonymous  with quality and service in the manufacture and supply of  spectrophotometer cells, optical components and certified reference  materials around the world.

In addition to ISO 9000 certification for production, UKAS accreditation to ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 has also been achieved for  the Starna Scientific traceable reference material calibration  laboratory, having established traceability to the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).




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Spectrophotometer, Fluorimeter and Colourimeter Cells
Starna offers a wide range of Spectrophotometer, Fluorimeter and Colourimeter cuvettes/cells. Click the link(s) below to view range of cells or to download the pdf Catalogue.
Starna Cuvettes/Cells Catalogue pdf download

Starna spectrophotometer cells and other quartz and glass assemblies, unless precluded by design, are assembled using a fully fused method of construction. this technique, pioneered and used by Starna scientific since the mid 1950’s, ensures that cells are fused into a single homogeneous entity using heat alone, without intermediate bonding materials. All cells are then carefully annealed to remove any residual strain from the fusing process. This ensures maximum physical strength as well as resistance to solvents. with few exceptions, most cells can be used safely with pressure differentials of up to 3 x 105Pa (3 Bar) and some up to 10 x 105Pa (10 Bar).

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Spectrophotometer Cells
Standard Rectangular cells
Cylindrical Cells

Flow Cells

Fluorimeter Cells
Standard Fluorimeter Cells
Fluorimeter Flow Cells

Dual pathlengths, Water jacketed, Triangular and others
Micro and Semi-micro cells

Colourimeter Cells
Colorimeter Cells for Hunter, ACS, Data Color and others
Type 96 Colorimeter Cells X-Rite Compatible


Other Configurations(including)
Vacuum Suction
Dye Laser
Magnetic stirring
Water jacket(constant temperature)
Refactometer Flow through cells
DMV-Biocell for Low Volume Applications



Starna certification

Reference Materials
The highly regulated enviroment in which many laboratories now work  demands that analytical measurements are made in a strictly controlled  enviroment.
Starna Certified Reference Materials are the  most conveniant tools for validating spectrophotometric measurements in  the ultra violet and visible regions and satisfy the most stringent  requirements of all international control bodies.
Starna CRM's are fully traceable to NIST primary standards and are manufactured under ISO Guide 34 conditions,accepted  world wide as the highest standard Commercially available.
The certification process satisfies ISO 17025
Starna Scientific is the only supplier of  UV/Visible CRM's to be approved as a reference material Supplier by  UKAS, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, (Ref. 4001) and to hold both ISO 17025 and guide 34 Accreditations.
All Starna CRM's carry a lifetime guarantee,  provided they are used and stored correctly and recalibrated at  intervals of not more than 2 years

Starna Reference Materials Catalogue pdf download

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